The great thing about PHP is that it lets people put together web sites easily and quickly. Along with the vibrant community, it's one of the main reasons for the language's popularity. A side effect of this ease of production is that PHP hasn't developed a culture of quality, in the business sense.

What do I mean by quality? That software does what it's supposed to do, reliably and repeatably. It's maintainable and it's not fragile, so isn't prone to breaking when changes are made. Despite the lack of a culture of quality, some of the biggest web sites on the Web use PHP, and internally they must have processes to ensure quality.

I'd love the quality tools and processes to become more widely used in PHP, and so I've asked three questions of a bunch of Important People in the PHP community, people I respect and admire. In terms of PHP, what does quality mean to you? What tools and processes do you use in your development to ensure quality? Are there tools or processes that you'd like to include in your toolbox that you haven't used yet?

I'll post responses as I get them.

Laura Thomson

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