The "C" is important. It distinguishes me from the actor, the former Premier of Ontario, the 47 academics in fields ranging from Resource Economics to Engineering, and the drug dealer. But I'm not going to tell you what it stands for. Once, however, I was called "the one true Michael Harris." I can live with that.

Special mention goes to Michael C. Harris from the University of Missouri, who wrote to me claiming he is the "real" Michael C. Harris. We're discussing applying for a grant to study the abundance of Michael Harrises in academia.

I like contributing to open source projects. Most of that is through Habari, but I've also enjoyed contributing a bunch of other projects, to varying degrees: Lithium, Nerdie, Ferret, Weka, StatusNet.

I am happily partnered, live in Melbourne, Australia, and have said good riddance to a PhD in information retrieval.