Costa Riiiicaaaa

I've just returned from 5 weeks travel to Central America and the US and - as predicted - it was really difficult to keep up the sketching. The first part of August was hard enough with all the pre-travel organising that needs to be done and getting things at work up to speed, but once we left on 16 August it became much harder. Planes aren't the most inspirational of environments and being jammed into those micro seats for 20 hours doesn't do much for my drawing enthusiasm ... and then there's the jetlag at the other end. So the first few days were a bit of a blur and then we headed down to Central America.

Four guest appearances in my sketch book from the Hancock-Ayvazian family ....

You'd think that without the daily work grind I'd have heaps of time to be inspired and creative, but for the first two weeks in Costa Rica we were travelling with my brother Boze, his wife Suzy and my two nieces Sam (11) and Ani (8) and it turned out to be fairly action packed. We hiked, we kayaked, we walked ... and walked ... and walked, we ate, we drank and we fell into bed at the end of the day after a couple of rounds of 'I Bid' with the gang. There wasn't a lot of lying on a beach staring up at the palm trees and sketching in between but I did manage to get them all to make some guest appearances and fill in some of the blank pages in my sketch book - thanks guys!!!

With their help I managed to stay fairly much on track until they went home to the States at the end of August. Michael and I kept travelling and went on to Nicaragua ... where we had lots of excitement that put an end to my sketching until now ... but I'll save that for the next post.

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    Wow. That is a really good drawing.

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