I'm blaming the dawg ...


It's nearly 10 months since my last post and I'm laying the blame for that squarely at the very large paws of our new hound! I don't seem to have done anything very creative since we got her, and all my spare time is taken up stalking other dog owners to find enough puppy action to keep her from going crazy.

"Go on girl, get the ball ... Bess, get the ball ... go on girl, you can do it ... the ball, get the BALL" generally elicits a blank look as she wanders off shaking her head. She's really not into the ball or stick thing (apart from shredding them into tiny pieces) so our only option for exercise is finding other non-ball fetching puppies for her to wrestle with.

Sure, it's a lousy excuse, and now that we're over the toilet training and got the hang of dog parenting I think I'd better fill in those 67 missing days. Starting tomorrow as I have to take the dawg for a walk :)

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