May (day)

May started out all right but things have gone a bit pear shaped now. I seem to be drawing the same little cities over and over again ... which would be fine if I had time to really develop the ideas and work out where it was all going ... but winter is fast approaching ... the days are getting shorter and darker and there seems to be less time in the day.

Full time work doesn't help either. Who ever thought the 5 day working week was a good idea? I've managed to avoid it most of my life for good reason ... everyone fights their way to work in the morning with the rush, fights their way out of the city in the evening with the rush, fights their way through the supermarket/gym/chores/cooking in the evening, falls into bed and gets up to do the same thing the next day. And then Saturday's even worse ... I just don't get it.

Sketching is a bit of a panacea but also adds to the pressure - like having homework hanging over your head. It's enjoyable and rewarding once you get into it, and a relief when you've done it ... but hard to get started. So that's how May is progressing!

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