Wagon ride

Well, something monumental happened in January ... I hopped on the wagon for a month! Yep, not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips since 27 January. I would have given up on the 26th, but it seemed a bit un-Australian to do it on Australia Day :) Michael and I are coming full circle and we've given up drinking for 5 weeks (not that I'm counting the days or anything) and we're training for the 24 Hour Megaswim again. That's where this whole 365 drawing project started and the end of Feb 2010 should officially be my 365 days - except for the Nicaragua incident which has put me back a month. And I'll probably have to add another month to that to fill in all the blank pages I've been accumulating.

The occasional gaps where I just didn't have time during the day to come up with a sketch have become a bit more frequent lately and I've been getting more guest appearances in my book ... like the one below from the son of a work colleague (thanks Ollie!!) I really like this and didn't get a chance to ask Ollie if he's a ninja man or what his story is - but he's pretty cool and it's great to have something different to look at!

I haven't really got a theme in my head at the moment so my sketches from January are just a random assortment of things that were passing through my head at the time.

So ... it's head down for the rest of February trying to find a theme that I can keep going with when this project finishes. And then maybe it's time to branch out into some different media!

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  1. Michael C. Harris, on March 13, 2010 at 11:18am, said:

    I find that last drawing both amusing and poignant.

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