One book down!

I've finished my first book ... that's quite exciting as I have a room full of sketch books I've started, determined to keep a visual diary, and they've all ended up with a few random images in them and a lot of white paper.

So, I'm still at it. Haven't done this since art school, and even then it was a bit hit and miss. It's hard going after a long day at work and by Friday night my inspiration is usually at an all time low, but I'm exploring a theme I find really interesting so that's keeping me going. It's basically to do with human impact on the land and how we seem to spread across the planet in patterns that reflect nature. I keep coming back to the similarities between aerial patterns on the land created by humans (and animals) and microscopic patterns of human and plant tissues; neurons, leaf veins, bacteria multiplying ...

I'm exploring some different media now too ... I've been out with the stencils and spray can which in itself is an interesting combination of attention to detail - cutting the stencils - and then random spraying from above, where you don't have that much control over how the paint is applied.

Next mission is to dig out all my old art materials; the Dr Martins inks, gouache and pastels and see what I can do with them :)

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