May (day)

May started out all right but things have gone a bit pear shaped now. I seem to be drawing the same little cities over and over again ... which would be fine if I had time to really develop the ideas and work out where it was all going ... but winter is fast approaching ... the days are getting shorter and darker and there seems to be less time in the day.

Full time work doesn't help either. Who ever thought the 5 day working week was a good idea? I've managed to avoid it most of my life for good reason ... everyone fights their way to work in the morning with the rush, fights their way out of the city in the evening with the rush, fights their way through the supermarket/gym/chores/cooking in the evening, falls into bed and gets up to do the same thing the next day. And then Saturday's even worse ... I just don't get it.

Sketching is a bit of a panacea but also adds to the pressure - like having homework hanging over your head. It's enjoyable and rewarding once you get into it, and a relief when you've done it ... but hard to get started. So that's how May is progressing!

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Another month ...

So, April has been and gone and I have to confess there's a stark, white, blank page for April 20.

Why April 20, I hear you ask? The dog didn't eat my drawing. I wasn't in hospital encased in plaster up to my eyeballs and unable to hold a pencil. I have no excuse. I just didn't feel like doing a drawing. I was all drawn out.

April was hard. But so far I'm finding May a bit easier. Maybe I've turned a corner ... I seem to be drawing more from my head and not worrying so much about the end result. And I've found some colour! I was getting a little bit sick of black and white so bought myself some colour pencils. I don't think I've used colour pencils since I was about 10 so that will be interesting.

Anyway ... here are a few from April

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The end of week 2 (make that week 4)

Okay ... it's been two weeks now and it's been quite hard, and doesn't seem to be getting much easier! I've had some fairly rushed after work sketches that I haven't been very happy with. It's quite a time commitment and it's difficult to find interesting subjects for a sketch - harder still coming up with something out of my head.

Well ... didn't manage to post that entry and another two weeks has passed. It's now the end of March, so the end of one month of drawing something every day. I can't say I'm happy about the results, but I am happy that I've persevered and have a drawing to account for every day, done on the day, even if it was last thing at night and in a bit of a hurry.

The process has been much harder than I thought but I think I'm getting into the swing of it. For now, I'm just going to post one sketch from March and not going to go into any more detail.

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It's time

The first day of March 2009. It's time to start being more creative again. I am undertaking my own project 365 - every day for a year I will draw ... something ... and I'll try not to give myself a hard time about not being good enough and not having anything worthwhile to say.

Staring at the blank canvas is the hardest part, and not wanting to mess it up and waste the paper. I've always had a problem with the waste and that stops me doing anything. Once I start and make the first mark I usually really enjoy it but how do I start? What do I start with? Should I use pencil? Inks? Gouache? Pen? And the biggest question ... what am I going to draw?  I know the more you do, the more ideas develop and evolve and the better your art practice will become so I have to switch off that part of my brain that says "this is a waste of time - I have nothing to say" and just see what happens. I actually feel a bit nervous. This is when I usually revert to the computer and start messing around with photographs which feels somehow safer and still feels a bit creative.

But for this project the rules are ... no computer. One drawing a day. Any medium but it has to be done by hand, away from the machine! So, here goes - drawing number 1.

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sore all over

Well ... I survived!

Not only that, but I feel really good despite the aching body. It's really nice to do something that takes you out of your normal life and challenges you a bit ... and for a good cause. It reminded me of travel - doing weird things at strange hours of the day and night - without being quite so selfish or expensive!

So we got up at 2.15 to get to the pool by 3.00 to support another friend, then I swam at 4.00 am and my partner swam from 4.30 to 5.30. The next swimmer had been forced to cancel at the last minute as her property was on bush fire alert so the three of us covered her hour ... and then the next swimmer just didn't turn up so we covered her hour. We swam from 4.00 until 7.00 am and then again later on Saturday. All up I swam 5 kms and I think that's a first for me!

I was swimming too much to get into any creative photography but this photo was taken at about 4.15 and my partner Michael is the fuzzy looking green hat on the left.
 24 Hour Swim 2009.JPG 

And then the sun came up - an orange disk glowing through the haze of smoke from the fires - and the hot air balloons came over, and the whole thing was quite surreal.
24 Hour Swim dawn 2009.JPG

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