Tofurkey anyone?

Christmas lunch has lost some of its appeal since I became a vegetarian (with occasional seafood lapses) 10 years ago. This year for the first time I was tempted by the turkey, which maybe had something to do with the fact that it wasn't 45 degrees with a howling northerly. A nice cool day seems much more appropriate for the turkey/ham arrangement ... but the temptation didn't last long and I made the most of the roast veggies and multitude of fantastic salads.

What's that got to do with drawing? Nothing much, but I did briefly contemplate branching out into a bit of 3D and sculpting a xmas turkey out of tofu. But I decided that idea sucked, so went back to drawing instead.

It was hard to get much done in December and my energy levels seemed to decline in direct proportion to the rise in consumer frenzy driving the rest of the population. I used to like December, mainly because my birthday is in December and as a kid that meant fun ... (even though I used to get ripped off with the joint birthday/Christmas present!) Now I find it horrific that people can spend so much time, energy and money on buying absolute crap for people who don't need it or want it.

So, as usual my family and outlaws got Oxfam chooks, goats, pigs, piles of shit, mozzie nets etc but I did buy some free trade chocolate this year to soften the blow!

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