swimming at 4 am

Okay ... so this is my first post ... ever! It's quite exciting but I'm worried I won't have anything interesting to say. So, I'll keep the first one short and maybe I'll get better with practice.

Tonight (well, actually tomorrow morning at 4.00 am) I'm taking part in a 24 hour swim to raise money for MS. I don't think I've ever swum at 4 in the morning ... in fact I don't think I've managed to stay up until 4 in the morning since I was in my 20s (and maybe I had some help with that!) So, I'm hoping the adrenaline will kick in and I'll be able to pull my weight ... literally :)

I'll be poolside for most of the 24 hours that I'm not swimming and I'm thinking I might take camera and tripod and keep myself awake with some creative photography. I love the patterns and reflections when I swim during the day, and I imagine early morning/dawn will be amazing. It's not a time of day I'm very familiar with ... !

Next post ... photographic evidence :)

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