Swings and roundabouts

Well, I lost enthusiasm towards the end of my little project and when I counted up all the blank pages, and the month out because of the Nicaraguan Incident, I found I was missing a whopping 67 days out of my 365. Technically I'm 2 months short of finishing. And it's now the end of May. Three months has passed and I haven't filled in any of those blanks. Oh well ... swings and roundabouts Michael would say. On the up side it's 300 drawings more than I would have done normally! And I've contemplated the meaning of life and mark making a bit along the way, mostly along the lines of "why the hell am I bothering with this?" and "what does any of this really mean?" and "do you think chickens think about the past and the future?"

So, I guess it's goodbye to this little experiment ... and on with the next one.

I think I'll try something a bit different this time. Starting on 1 July I'm going to explore one theme for a month at a time and try to actually come up with something a bit more meaningful than zucchinis waving goodbye from the garden as the summer crop comes to an end! Although really I'm not sure what could be more meaningful than that!

Oh yes ... and I'm going to give up drinking again for another month so bottles might feature in my theme of the month! So, I'll keep you posted :)

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