A strange thing happened on the way to Masaya ...

I'm not going to go into detail about the 'Nicaragua Incident' (as we now like to call it!) ... Michael has written a blog post that describes what happened better than I could. It was the scariest travel experience I've ever had and it put an end to my drawing for a while, partly because they took my pencil case along with everything else and partly because I was shaking like a leaf for the next week and drawing wasn't high on my list of priorities!!

So ... I've given myself a month's leave from the project, which means I'll have to add another month on at the end. I'm due to start again this week and I think it will be hard getting back on the horse! I have to confess, it's been quite nice not having to worry about what I'm going to draw and when I'm going to fit it in, and then feeling guilty if I miss a day :) That said, I do really enjoy it as well, and there's a certain sense of achievement looking back over a couple of full sketch books ... even if it doesn't really 'mean' anything in the long run. So I guess I'll be back in October!

Hand painted tiles at the Colonial Hotel in Granada, Nicaragua ... before 4 September

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